And alien living creatures should be modeled "Perfect Living Creature"

Speaking of Perfect Living Creature does not necessarily refer to mankind - the theory of which is theory - it must covers all kinds of living creatures in all possible worlds, whether they are natural patterns or created by another living creature.
It is even better to imagine some imaginary extraterrestrial living creatures to avoid the prejudices accumulated around the naturally created patterns of Perfect Living Creature on Earth. So - For all Perfect Living Creatures, on all the worlds of the universe must apply the following rule in the aspect of knowledge:
The Perfect Living Creature upon its creation must know nothing (unknowing) . PLC is trained by another PLC and self learn. With Earth's natural patterns, learning lasts for years (20+). Programming knowledge from the creator moves away every living creature from the ideal –Perfect Living Creature . Only a very small part of the reactions (knowledge) are valid 100% (in every version of endless chaos) and it is appropriate …

Meaning of date

In order to survive the Perfect Living Creature (PLC)  in endless chaos should at any time to monitor changes in the world and own internal situation and to work out a strategy for action .
As I said before, PLC must have command centure and processor which processes the information and formulate a strategy for action.
The information from the senses, receptors and sensors need to be recorded at maximum detailed version in memory, so the processor  to be as accurate in recognizing  signals. Also any information is recorded and the relevant date. To this point in time (to date) is recorded and reaction (state, maneuver and position of reactants) of a Living Creature (LC).
Under reactants will understand devices which may perform a change in the position (location) and internal state of LC. Changes to the environment that LC can perform are a subset of change on position.
Reactants - will divide them conditional on:
- Components which change the location of the LC in the space (hands, f…
The perfect living creature must be eternal (immortal)
Two aspects are approaching every living creature to perfect living creature:  - Perfection by physical device  - Excellence in knowledge
Perfection by physical device: To be perfect a living creature  must be resistant to most of the states of endless chaos as  the world is. As the smaller variant of the world influencing disastrous, the most  will be close to perfect living creature any living creature. Factors that can destroy a living creature are countless - temperature, chemical composition environment any mechanical effects and more. The physical structure of perfect living creature should be that is sustainable and that it survives - to be created from materials resistant to any deviations of physical and chemical parameters of the world (chaos) and any mechanical damage. The line: invulnerability of definitive environment as a consequence of the composition, device and structure every living creature is constrained to be close …
Perfect Alive Creature                                                                 theory Author: Svetozar the Soul
Life is striving for eternity pursuit of determination to survive in the chaos
I will try to theorize life and living creatures. I'll call "living creature" any creature that can react to changes in the environment and definitive status, so that it keep its integrity and functions. In an infinite chaos which is the world living creature must retain its integrity and its functions (life, survival) in all situations in which nature can put it. Because the world is not permanent and forever changes (infinite chaos) every creature is constantly changing conditions. Perfect living creature is such a living creature that survives in every situation.
 The perfection of the living creatures is the theme of this theory.