Meaning of date

In order to survive the Perfect Living Creature (PLC)  in endless chaos should at any time to monitor changes in the world and own internal situation and to work out a strategy for action .
As I said before, PLC must have command centure and processor which processes the information and formulate a strategy for action.
The information from the senses, receptors and sensors need to be recorded at maximum detailed version in memory, so the processor  to be as accurate in recognizing  signals. Also any information is recorded and the relevant date. To this point in time (to date) is recorded and reaction (state, maneuver and position of reactants) of a Living Creature (LC).
Under reactants will understand devices which may perform a change in the position (location) and internal state of LC. Changes to the environment that LC can perform are a subset of change on position.
Reactants - will divide them conditional on:
- Components which change the location of the LC in the space (hands, feet, all the muscle)
- Components which modify the internal state of the LC (in as a natural specimen of LC - glands, breathing rate, pulse and others).
By currently incoming information  processor identifies date (time) which has in memory and  most resembles on the current state of chaos (identification). Accordingly Living Creature (LC) will do the same as it did in this situation (to that date) if it does not lead to error (pain)
 In cases where the receptors signal error (pain) processor puts into effect the reaktants at the date when the same (identical) error has been removed at short .

CPU command center of a Perfect Life Creature(PLC) reading memory should identify the date (time) of any incoming information from receptors in each lass most closely resembles.

Responding (act):
- In identification date which is in the memory (the same way) if it did not lead to error (pain)
- If identification date lead to eror : composition strategy - a compilation of dates. Effects (actions) in similar situations with different dates so as to avoid an error*
*error : A situation which threatens the integrity and functions

to be contiued