The perfect living creature must be eternal (immortal)

Two aspects are approaching every living creature to perfect living creature:
 - Perfection by physical device
 - Excellence in knowledge

Perfection by physical device:
To be perfect a living creature  must be resistant to most of the states of endless chaos as  the world is. As the smaller variant of the world influencing disastrous, the most  will be close to perfect living creature any living creature. Factors that can destroy a living creature are countless - temperature, chemical composition environment any mechanical effects and more. The physical structure of perfect living creature should be that is sustainable and that it survives - to be created from materials resistant to any deviations of physical and chemical parameters of the world (chaos) and any mechanical damage.
The line: invulnerability of definitive environment as a consequence of the composition, device and structure every living creature is constrained to be close to a perfect living creature - no material and concrete construction that can withstand large changes in temperature and strong mechanical or chemical impacts.

Aspect knowledge:
Under - Knowledge and management capabilities to achieve the ideal of perfect alive creature of every living creature are endless. A living creature can be very vulnerable physically, but if  they are very knowledgeable it is much closer to the ideal - perfect life creature. Knowledge can provide eternity and immortality of a living creature (a group of living creatures; all living creatures). 
For living creatures is recommended (required) to share information and knowledge with each other (from one generation to another in as a natural specimens) to memorize knowledge, to use to protect each other, so that the collective approach to perfection is the right (mandatory) way  to improve to a  ideal : Perfect Living Creature

Developments aspects KNOWLEDGE  gets closer a living creatures to the ideal in a largely than development in composition, structure and design, so in theory I will focus only on this aspect.

Knowledge implies the collection and processing of information.
As the more information of the world owns a living creature , so this creature is close to perfect living creature. As the more senses (eyes, ears receptors for chemical composition ...) there is a creature, so the more precisely can distinguish changes in the surrounding world, to recognize threatening situations and so it can react properly in order to survive.
The more knowledge and experience maens  closer to ideal

The processing of information implies a memory and processor (command center).

As the more memory owns a living creature, so get  closer to the ideal : perfect alife creature

 How does the command center on what rules treat the information in a condition of endless chaos, taking into account that manages most invulnerable creature (body) will be the theme of this theory.

The perfect living creature should know everything about the world to be able to respond properly (so that it survives). Because the world is endless chaos no way living creature knows everything.
 1.Variant: Creator programmed living creature with all the necessary knowledge
Far from Ideal: Perfect living creature. The world is endless chaos, countless situations and someone bet all the knowledge in the command center of the living creature default is impossible. Living creature is likely to make a mistake and lose their lives by responding wrong in any situation.
 2.Variant:  To train and educate itself
This is the correct option. Per device and design perfect living creature is as invulnerable from the environment and this allows the living being to react in ANALOGY - reacts as reacted in similar (identified) known situation.

So for aspects knowledge we need
 sensors (senses)
The task of the processor is to read information on memory  and elaborate strategies

Processor running constantly in the command center of the living creature and elaborate a strategy for action (inaction is a kind of strategy).

The information from all sensors and condition of the living creature recorded in time dated is a law which processor will produce strategy.

 Logical  laws for  the processor CPU
- In an identical situation if you do what you did the same will happen
- Senior date situation (if a task is solved there is no sense to decide again)
- First short-term strategy (in the near future, then extends in time)
-  Smaller risk of error
- Calculates the probability of error?
- The biggest danger with priority (motivation)

Errors - a situation that should not be happening because threatens life of a living creature (pain)
Sensors error
Positive motivation (pleasure)?
1. A situation that threatens the lives of living creature will call it a error. Error  must have special sensors (receptors pain) that signal error.
2. In case of error (pain) processor  produces strategy in the at short way eliminates signal error or  put in a situation where not threatened

to be continued                                                                                    Svetozar the Soul